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Thursday, November 29, 2012

OM.2011.230 - Jeff Berner - France

OM.2011.230 - Jeff Berner - France - April 7, 2011 correspondence with a copy of the article by Jeff Berner: Astronauts of Inner Space (1967) related to Fluxus events in Prague.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

OM.2011.227 - Luc Fierens - Belgium

OM.2011.227 - Luc Fierens - Belgium - chapbook (20 pages) by Luc Fierens from Reed Altemus's Tonerworks - edition of 75 - gift of Reed Altemus

Saturday, August 18, 2012

OM.2011.223-226 - Bill DiMichele - USA

OM.2011.223-226 - Bill DiMichele - USA - Netherworld 1 through 4 - collage

I read Lord of the Rings when I was 12 or 13, and to me it was incredible, but it didn’t fulfill my wishes for a complete magical setting .Then the movie was released, and as amazing as it was, once again, it was missing something, the same kind of magical feel that the books were missing. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. My son had a ‘Lord of the Rings’ calendar, the kind with one small image per day. Out of this I first cut positive images, people, caverns, landscapes, warriors, etc. After that I began using the negative spaces, cut up heads, rivers, weapons, etc. The final results reach the edge of surrealism, with aleatoric wunderkinds and extraordinary creatures moving through the unknowable landscape. This is the magic I was searching for, and I’d like to share it with all with you.

Collage Statement:
Collage plugs us into the world beyond the world, a cut-up/arrangement of surfaces that point to the magical, the frightening universe of Surrealism. From the ink writers of Japan to Picasso, to Britain's Richard Hamilton, to Max Ernst, collage has been a way through the door of Surrealism, toward the space of the fantastic. This is where we find ourselves, at the doorstep of the interstellar, at the ladder of the mind. And this space cannot be tarnished, cannot be ruined, because it belongs to and only to those who use it.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

OM.2011.222 - Jon Nelson - USA

Jon Nelson - USA - collage
Gift of the artist
Jon Nelson is a collage/assemblage artist who hosted the nationally syndicated radio program Some Assembly Required from 1999-2011. Jon also donated a complete collection of CDs of his shows to the museum. listen here while you check out this blog:
You can see some of Jon's  visual work at:
and for information about his sound collage work, go to:

Some Assembly Required features work by a variety of artists working with bits and pieces of their media environments, giving something back to the cultural landscape from which they so enthusiastically appropriate.

The genre is still young, despite examples dating as far back as 1961, when James Tenney constructed a tape collage borrowing heavily from cut-up fragments of a recording by Elvis Presley. Both provocative and surreal, this style continues to evolve and to challenge.

Since its inception in 1999, host Jon Nelson produced over thirty artist features, interviewing everyone from John Oswald and The Evolution Control Committee, to Christian Marclay and DJ Spooky - providing a variety of unique perspectives on the nature of this daring and creative style of expression.

Each Interview Episode is freely available to download HERE. Also check out the SAR Q&A, featuring profiles on over 175 of the sound collage artists played each week on Some Assembly Required.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Sunday, March 4, 2012

OM.2011.220 - Jonathan Johnson - USA

OM.2011.220 - Jonathan Johnson - collage on paper - 6.25 x 4.5 inches 2010

OM.2011.219 - Tok Eng Voon - Malaysia

OM.2011.219 - Tok Eng Voon - Pattern - mixed media collage on paper -  8.25 x 11.75 inches

OM.2011.218 - Suzlee Ibrahim - Malaysia

 OM.2011.218 - Suzlee Ibrahim - A Red Story - mixed media collage on paper -  8.25 x 11.75 inches

om.2011.217 - Yus Hamyus bin Hashim - Malaysia

om.2011.217 - Yus Hamyus bin Hashim - Malaysia - collage on paper

OM.2011.216 - Muhammad Rasfan B Hj Abu Bakar - Malaysia

OM.2011.216 - Muhammad Rasfan B Hj Abu Bakar - Malaysia - Field - collage on paper

OM.2011.215 - Predrag Caranovic - Belgrade, Serbia

OM.2011.215 - Predrag.Caranovic - Belgrade, Serbia - Photo of Gypsies

"I bought this picture of Gypsies in the market. At that moment I was reminded of a work-a Man Ray. A few years later I realized it's probably a manufactory for the production bamboo hat. But I do not care. For me, this like exhibition for nothing. This is a picture in a frame collage. This is the story of the photograph."

Friday, January 27, 2012

OM.2011.213 - Katrien De Blauwer - Begium - Collage Centennial

OM.2011.213 - Katrien De Blauwer - Begium
Four collages each postcard sized work is roughly 4x6 inches
Poetic Noise (2009-2011) Documents, photographs, leaves and other relics from the Republic of Georgia

Born in 1969 in Ronse, Belgium
Lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium

Saturday, January 21, 2012

OM.2011.208 &209 - Reed Altemus - USA - Collage Centennial

OM.2011.208 - Reed Altemus - USA -  'Recyclopedia V' from Encyclopedia Fluxanica - digital collage, 1/1 - giclee print - 11.75x12.75 framed

OM.2011.209 - Reed Altemus - USA - paper collage - 8.75x11.25 framed

OM.2011.207 - Margaret Suchland - USA - Collage Centennial

OM.2011.207 - Margaret Suchland - USA - Lexicon 2011 - 4x6 (framed 11x14)
materials used: vintage early 20th c. dictionary pages digitally printed with
early alphabet characters, misc. remnants from a discarded 18th c. Psalter and
other ephemera

OM.2011.206 - Jasmine Adelshoff - USA - Collage Centennial

OM.2011.206 - Jasmine Adelshoff - USA - collage - 7 x 5.5 inches

OM.2011.203 through 205 - Lucio Valerio Pini - Italy - Collage Centennial

OM.2011.205 - Lucio Valerio Pini - Italy - collage on card stock - 15.75 x 11 inches
OM.2011.204 - Lucio Valerio Pini - Italy - collage on card stock - 15.75 x 11 inches
OM.2011.203 - Lucio Valerio Pini - Italy - collage on card stock - 15.75 x 11 inches

Artist Statement

I adore creating collages.

An old renewed art, which allows me to express myself with freedom, creativity and fantasy.
With obvious simplicity I put together cuts and scraps of my own or someone else's images.
I put some color spray here and there and fix dreams, memories and feelings on the paper.
The result is a fantastic world of signs, only apparently chaotic.
The unusual elements are superimposed, they mix and they meet to start unusual images.
I try to give body to a nonexistent reality, belonging to a fantastic and poetic world.
A caprice of forms which is seen not only with the eye but also with the imagination.
I try to give a world of emotion to the eyes of those who look upon them.
A game? Maybe or maybe not.

Lucio Valerio Pini

OM.2011.202 - Christian Gastaldi - France - Collage Centennial

OM.2011.202 - Christian Gastaldi - France - 33 x 24 cm - 13x9.5 inches - collage

Friday, January 20, 2012

OM.2011.201 - Karlyn Atkinson Berg - USA - Collage Centennial

OM.2011.201 - Karlyn Atkinson Berg - Lace Totem” - Collage on paper
I do not have a rigid or predetermined structure for the creation of a piece.  A single color or shape or image may spark an entire composition.  As I sort and work with materials, some will seem to connect individually or in groups creating an interaction in color, space and form.  Each added element will build on the previous one by changing, adding, or even eliminating the other components.  Knowing what to remove becomes as important as knowing what to add to the work. Whole sections may be chopped up and reassembled or even moved to another work.   As the painting unfolds, images change.  Realistic objects may no longer be recognizable on their own and will become only an element in the larger sensibility or visual impression. The intention of the work is a visual experience and, like the words of a poem or song, should leave you with an image and emotion.

OM.2011.200 - Win Straube - USA - Collage Centennial

OM.2011.199 - Win Straube - USA -36 x 44.5 inches - digital print of a vintage stamp collage
Win Straube’s picture mosaics of collector value stamps, each one of which are works of art, telling their own story, plus having own intrinsic value, yet as a whole together represent an Ebullient and Brilliant Universe with own meaning and telling its own story.

Assemblage, collage and constructive art as a genre is constantly evolving to reflect the changes and evolutions of our understanding of the art world at its time of creation. The evolution of these art forms is much like the evolution of physics: we begin with the simple, solid Newtonian rules, but through relativity and quantum dynamics find ourselves in chaos theory with the butterfly effect; transformations building on the simple, creating multi-faceted works which are totally new, more comprehensive, more dimensional renderings of objects and expressions.

The Ebu-Arts philosophy is that its works are not the sole presentation of individualistic themes or thoughts, but are the embodiment of value-enhancing relationships, in the form of individual pieces of precious value joining together, creating a “worth its weight in gold” communal body of its own distinct dimensions and scope. Ebu-Arts pieces, therefore, are fascinating and mind expanding to examine. Better yet for me, when I have the opportunity, I delight in the use of “strange attractors” in the creation of such pieces of art. “Strange” because their diversity is infinitely complex, and “attractors” because in their total they are always drawn toward the behavior represented within them. Spooky? I hope not! But truly entertaining and very informative, regardless whether passively enjoyed or actively created.

That is what my submission pieces of Ebu-Arts#1 and Ebu-Arts#2 represent: In this case mosaic assemblages of a carefully considered selection of valuable stamps, each one of which is a nationally chosen art rendering of a specific subject, yet here melded into one totality of ideas and expressions, realized in one powerful unique identity of its own. To be enjoyed as a contemporary whole. Yet like newly discovered fractals, the closer the examination, the more revealing. Have fun!

OM.2011.199 - Win Straube - USA - Collage Centennial

OM.2011.199 - Win Straube - USA -digital print of a vintage stamp collage - 32.5 x 44.5 - an example of what the artist calls Ebullient Art
Artist Statement Related to Ebullient Arts

Ebu-Arts is the combination of many precious value art pieces (maybe hundreds or more) into ONE major work of art with its own meaning. The final product is an Ebullient and Brilliant Universe of the Arts, very much like a country or the entire world seen from space is composed of many many individual valuable communities which may be quite different from each other, yet as a whole they form ONE unique home of its very own significance, appearing in stark, uplifting beauty.

Its philosophy is that Ebu-Arts works are not the sole presentation of individualistic themes or thoughts, whatever they may be, but are the embodiment of value-enhancing relationships, in the form of individual pieces of precious value joining together, creating a “worth its weight in gold” communal body of its own distinct dimensions and scope.

Thus Ebu-Arts is NOT, and in fact far removed from “recycled” or “upcycled art,” or “naive art” or “vernacular art” or “conceptual” or “neo-conceptual” art, but it could be “made by untrained artists” or could be just basic “fine art,” two dimensional as well as three-dimensional, as long as it is made of a multitude of innate high value fine art or historical pieces, which in their combination form an Ebullient and Brilliant Universe of the ARTS.


OM.2011.198 - ADRIANA LANGTRY CARRERI - Italy - Collage Centennial


Milan, ITALY


Title: “Uranian Alphabet”
dimensions: 13x 18 cm
year: 2011
materials: mixed media collage

Collage is an ancient technique with an enormous expressive potential. It offers a lot of opportunities for experimentation with materials and invention of new realities. Cutting, tearing, layering, pasting, shifting and removing pieces, painting my own papers, looking for old images or working with asemic writing, I feel like an alchemist exploring the mystery or a “dirty nails” gardener planting seeds. Collage for me is freedom of expression, an endless creative research in a constant metamorphosis. A bright fragment of life.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

OM.2011.197 - Jessica Porterfield - USA - Collage Centennial

Jessica Porterfield - USA - collage on canvas - 8x10 inches - Materials:
primed canvas, acrylic paint, scrapbook paper, hand carved stamp image, gel medium
Artist Statement:

Never before in time have there been so many mediums to combine to express beauty or political statements or spiritual truth than currently.  one can intermingle a polymer clay piece with a found object
or that perfect book page or scrap of altered paper and make something so essential.

Collage satisfies some deep itch since it marries so may other art forms together.  The painting, the tactile tearing of paper, and fitting together disparate pieces of paper or found objects is deeply moving
and necessary to me.

OM.2011.196 - Patricia Sahertain - USA - Collage Exchange

OM.2011.196 - Patricia Sahertain - USA - collage - 6x4 inches

OM.2011.195 - Walter Rovere - Italy - Archives of the Eternal Network

Walter Rovere Postcard collage (front and back) with envelope