The Ontological Museum - Est. 1996 is currently located in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  The admission cost is $10.00. Free admission for contributors to the museum, museum members, ISACA members, members of the Fluxnexus and the International  Post Dogmatist Group and workshop participants.

The mission of the museum is to create a collection that is gathered together like a scientific museum that collects rocks or bugs or perhaps like an anthropological museum. It is a cultural record of contemporary art that is unique, in that it is not based on artists being famous or based on the collections of wealthy collectors like most art museums are. It is an artist oriented museum developed around living connections to artists.

Hours at the The Archives and Administrative offices for the ONTOLOGICAL MUSEUM are currently by appointment only. Call to make arrangements. ONTOLOGICAL MUSEUM TELEPHONE NUMBER: 817-944-4000

The Archives are located in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

We also offer occasional exhibitions and workshops. Please join our mailing list to stay informed of our activities..

The museum's mailing address is:


The Museum's central venue has been the internet websites which we have and will continue to develop and we expect to maintain this focus because the internet provides an excellent and low cost platform to presenting the museum's collection and advance its programs which are oriented toward the specific arts communities it is intended to serve namely the community of contemporary artists and art groups which the museum maintains contact with - Post-Dogmatists, The Massurrealist Society, The FluxNexus, The Neoist Society, The International Society of Collage and Assemblage Artists, etc..  While it is impossible to be completely inclusive, the Museum staff strives to avoid any attitudes of exclusivity and maintains an open door, open arms and open mind policy.
We will continue to grow and expand and plan for the future to create a special and exciting collection of contemporary art and to document as much as we are able with the help of the community we aim to serve.
We invite you to join in and contribute to the museum through initiating projects which can be archived on the museum's website. Documentary projects especially are welcome.