Saturday, April 9, 2011

[OM.2011.028] AEN.2011.012 - C. Mehrl Bennett & Marilyn R. Rosenberg

[OM.2011.028]  C. Mehrl Bennett & Marilyn R. Rosenberg
given by the artist to Cecil Touchon in Chicago Feb. 2011
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  1. I'll soon be sending you the set of four perforated stampsheets that are part of this project - CMB

  2. I just noticed that you have cut off the name of Marilyn R Rosenberg from this cover image. The blog title DOES refer to her, but the caption beneath the image only refers to "the artist", which is misleading in combination with the image. Please replace the image with the one here:
    and then replace "the artist" with "CMB". Thanks! Stamps will be in the mail today.