Sunday, May 29, 2011

Open House at the Archives - May 28, 2011

 checking out the snacks
 Daniel Montoya
 Inspecting the office
 Ron Watson from Texas Christian University (TCU)
 Bill and Pam Campbell

 checking out the assemblages
Noor un Nisa (my youngest) and Rosalia (my wife)
Saturday evening May 28th, 2011, we had our first open house at the archives. we had about 40 to 50 visitors who came out to see the new space. I gave a brief talk when the bulk of the attendees were present and explained the basic function of the museum and how the collection has been gathered together as well as mentioning the need for help from the community to maintain and continue to grow the collection. Several people volunteered to be added to the schedule to come out and work. Alex Mena offered to cover the expenses for having internet at the space and we discussed the idea of having live webcasts from the museum with artists around the world who are represented in the collection.

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